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Your Premier Seattle Siding and Tacoma Siding Company!

Welcome to Sound Siding, the finest Seattle siding and Tacoma siding company around. Handling all types of buildings, from residential houses, apartment complexes and condominiums, commercial structures, and more, Sound Siding has been taking care of Seattle's siding and Tacoma's siding projects for years maintaining the highest quality craftsmanship and work ethic. No matter your building's condition or design, we guarantee that you'll receive exceptional service and production from our team of experts. We are committed to providing the finest customer service for each one of our clients so that you always feel comfortable working with us.

The Northwest's harsh and wet weather conditions can be difficult on any structure. Exceptional siding material and installation can do wonders for the longevity of your property. At Sound Siding, we are confident in every project we handle; we offer a 5--year installation guarantee and a 50 year-guarantee on siding materials. We also provide a number of other home renovation services, from exterior and interior painting to window installations, deck coating, and door repair. We will even handle any wall repairs necessary before putting the siding up. Rather than running costs up by hiring a dozen different contractors, let Sound Siding handle your Seattle siding and Tacoma siding installation along with all the other projects your home or structure requires.

Feel free to browse our online catalog to see our finished products. And to request project references or to receive a free estimate, contact us now at (253) 639-8728.